WOD 30.12.15

for time
400m Run
15 Power snatch@60/40
400m Run
15 power clean@60/40
400m Run
15 Front squats
400m Run
15 hang power clean
400m Run

WOD 28.12.15

A) Back squat 6 x 2@90% Last heavy single
Then 20 reps@50% + 5kg

B) EMOM 12 Alternating minutes;
15 burpee
20 KB Swings@24/16

Rest 3 mins

EMOM 12.
Alternating minutes
30 Jumping lunges
10 C2B pull ups

WOD 17.12.15

5 rounds of:
:20 max unbroken strict C2B + max Strict Pull ups
1 minute rest between rounds.
The idea is to do as many unbroken strict C2B as possible. Then use the remaining time in the :20 to get as many strict pull ups as you can (these do not need to be unbroken).

KB swings